As a homeowner, you can't be expected to know every single part of your property. Plumbing is one area in particular where you might struggle with understanding what is happening when things start to go wrong. You can speak to a plumbing service in Grafton to get more help, but Tony Brown Plumbing & Gas Services think that it is worth knowing more about the basic problems that can beset your home.

Blocked toilet

Whether your toilet is literally blocked, or you are having problems with your septic tank, you should be able to identify this problem almost immediately. As soon as water starts running in your toilet when you are using the sink or are in the shower, you know you have a problem. Clearing the block using a plunger is the best method, although you may need a visit from the plumber eventually.

Leaking faucets

Everyone has laid awake at night, listening to the drip of the bathroom tap. It might be a slow drip, only happening as you fall asleep, or it might be running vigorously. At Tony Brown Plumbing & Gas Services we know that this problem is annoying, rather than an emergency, but we recommend that you fix it as soon as you can. Replacing the small washer in the faucet itself can resolve the problem easily.

Running toilet

A cross between your dripping tap and a blocked toilet, this can be bad news. When the water keeps running into the bowl, the issue lies with the valve inside that controls water shut-off. It may need replacing, or you may need help to fix it.

Water heater problem

If your hot water is cold, then you have an issue with your hot water system. The best resolution for this is to call in the Tony Brown Plumbing & Gas Services team, because you could be affecting the warranty of the boiler by trying to fix it without a licence.

Lack of water pressure

You know how it is, there is a problem with the amount of water flowing from taps or in the shower. You can have a few reasons why this is happening, but you need to call out a plumbing team in Grafton to help you resolve it safely.
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