DIY plumbing is something that many people believe that they can do. Plumbing can be tricky, and for many homeowners there is a fine line between improving the situation and making it a lot worse. If the problem is more than you can handle, then you need to call on expert plumbers in Grafton like Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services. Here are a few beliefs about plumbing that we hope you do not hold.

Bleach is flushable

Every chemical that you put into your toilet contains bleach, so it must be flushable, of course. The truth is that not all toilets and septic tanks are able to contain bleach, so eventually the toilet becomes damaged, and corrosion can occur. Always wash out bleach within 10 minutes or so of application.

Noisy water heaters are dangerous

Sometimes, your water heater might make a rumbling or banging noise. Known as kettling, this action in the boiler means that heat is trying to escape through sediment, and while it is noisy and might mean that your heater needs a service from Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services, there is nothing dangerous about it.

Boiling water can dissolve grease

This is an old-wives tale, but hot water will not help you to get rid of layers and layers of grease that has not been shifted by ordinary water. Pouring too much water down a blocked sink can lead to your drains failing completely, or the water backing up and coming into your home.

Leaking taps are not a problem

Everyone has laid in bed and listened to the sound of water dripping into the sink from a leaky faucet, but you could be losing a lot of water by ignoring this drip. It is possible to save nearly 10% on water bills if you would only fix that issue.

Plumbing can be fixed easily

One of the most pernicious myths is the idea that most plumbing problems can be solved with a little bit of DIY. There are lots of issues with this, not least that there are some issues that are too much for an amateur and require the assistance of a professional.

Plumbers are expensive

If you are hesitating to call out plumbers to your Grafton home because you are worried about the expense, then Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services can help you. Find out what we can do to assist you by contacting us online or by calling 0419-998-068 today.