Everyone has been told a number of myths by family members, from stories about sugary drinks making kids hyperactive, or that you cannot eat and then go swimming. You might have believed those myths, but you may also have been told a number of things about plumbing, and plumbers, that are untrue. To make sure that you only believe the truth from now on, it's best to ask an expert plumber in Grafton like Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services.

You can solve clogged drains with cleaners

When you have a clogged drain, it is hardly surprising that you should want to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. This often means using drain cleaners, but we do not recommend them on these drains. The harmful products can cause some damage to your drain, and they can also contaminate clean water if the drain is too full of water and debris.

You can flush most things

We have a big problem with items being flushed down drains when they are not suitable. Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services gets regular callouts to help residents who have flushed sanitary products, bad food, dead animals and even more. Sometimes, even things that are called 'flushable', such as wipes, are actually not. Only flush toilet paper, as it is designed to be used in this manner.

It is normal for sinks to leak

You might have a small puddle under your bathroom sink when you brush your teeth and dismiss this as perfectly ordinary. While it is true that many sinks and faucets can leak due to poor fitting, it is likely to be another issue of bad plumbing that needs fixing quickly.

Adding lemon to drains and waste disposal will freshen them

When your drain stinks, you need a plumber and not a lemon to hide the smell. Not only can the tough skin cause blockages, but it can also prevent you from spotting real problems with your drains, such as signs that they are backing up or are not draining properly.

Let us help you

The next time that you hear a plumbing myth, it is a good idea to pay a visit to your friendly local plumber in Grafton, just to make sure that everything is correct. Tony Brown Plumbing and Gas Services can give you lots of hints and tips to help you with your drains, so use our enquiry form to send a message, or call 0419-998-068 tpday.