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Reliable Plumbing & Gas Services in Grafton


Do you need a reliable plumber in Grafton? Contact Tony Brown Plumbing & Gas Services. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we know the job inside and out. We can see to all your plumbing concerns including gasfitting, hot water systems, blocked drains and much more.
Whether you're renovating your home, need a gas net adjustment, a hot water heater repair, or finally want to unclog that blocked drain, our expert team of skilled plumbers can help.
Gas leak? Blocked drain? Burst pipe? Call our emergency plumbers as soon as possible. We're also available for after hour call outs.


What you should know about plumbing

  • Our plumbers are professional tradesman that are licensed to practice.
  • We work on your essential services like your hot water system. Any plumber has to be qualified and experienced to work on electrically powered, gas fuelled or solar heating systems. Electricity and water don’t mix well, do they? In the case of gas fired systems, only the correctly qualified plumbers are allowed to touch them. Messing with gas can be tricky.
  • Clearing blockages, probably the most common plumbing issue, isn’t as easy as it sounds. The old methods of finding and fixing blockages were all about digging or knocking holes in walls, but modern blockage clearance has gone high-tech. Now there are CCTV cameras and flexible drills and cutters. Those are especially useful in situations where emergency plumbing is called for because they are fast and efficient tools of the trade.
  • One of the greatest hazards in any plumbing system is the problem of backflow. That is your waste water backing up and returning to your home. More than mess and unpleasant odours, it can be a health and safety problem too, if your sewage waste contaminates your potable plumbing in Grafton.